'The Clock' 2nd Prize European Piano Composition Competition 2017 and 2018


Concert Pianist. Composer. Teacher.
‘an excellent piece, beautifully written for the piano’ - Leslie Howard
by Marcel Zidani
'a musical gem' - radio 3



Marcel performed at the Hay Fetsival in June 2018 in conjunction with Andrew Marson of BBC Introducing Hereford and Worcester who said 'Outstanding, complex and beautiful – simply put, the most incredible piano player I’ve ever seen'.   Click to view photos -  Gallery

Marcel Zidani was born in London and studied Piano, under the direction of Mark Racz, at the Birmingham Conservatoire.

Marcel's music is described by BBC Radio 3 as 'a musical gem,' and 'his compositional style is comparable to that of Liszt, Satie and Chopin'. He recently received glowing reviews in the international press, describing the performance of compositions from his CD titled ‘A New Renaissance’ as ‘an explosion of expressive tonal colours’. His performance of Beethoven Sonata ‘The Tempest’ and Liszts ‘Un Sospiro’ received equal acclaim.


The Composer's Odyssey

I have just finished my new composition 'The Composer's Odyssey' for Trumpet and Piano. I have dedicated the composition to Paul Wood who plays Cornet and lives nearby.

Copyright © 2016 Marcel Zidani. All rights reserved

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