Piano Lessons

Marcel Zidani BA Hons  D.P.S. M(Perf)
Pianist in residence and teacher - Worcester Sixth Form College

I have dedicated my life, to a large degree, passing on my skills as a pianist. I teach piano at all skill levels from beginner to advanced and my piano studio is based in Evesham, Worcestershire.

My profession is divided between performing at concert level, composing  music, often by commission, and teaching the piano.  It is because I have such a broad musical background that you can be assured of receiving a highly expansive musical education both technically and creatively.

The Music

My area of specialism is classical music but I have also gained expertise in blues, jazz, easy listening and pop music.  I offer flexibility in my approach to learning and include a variety of methods to help develop  piano skills.  I have also written my own piano method., Hey Presto Piano Method, aimed at older beginners which is full of interesting musical ideas to help create a nice sound right away.

The Rates

Lessons are 30 minutes long for beginners up to grade 6 level, after then 45 minute or 1 hour lessons may be more appropriate. Please contact me to discuss  your needs, you will find my rates are within the current EPTA and Musicians Union guidelines for qualified piano teachers.

The Students

I teach to piano students from around age 6 upwards and my youngest piano student is 6 years old. However, I enjoy teaching all age ranges and abilities and my studio is spread evenly between those on early graded material and those studying diplomas and even beyond which means my job is all the more rewarding.

The Lessons

Lessons are always during the school term and not during holidays, unless advanced learners require additional tuition for concerts or competitions etc.


Student Awards

3  Worcestershire Young Musician competition winners junior and senior.

4 winners of Evesham Young musician Competition junior and senior.

2 Banbury Young Musician Prize winners

Oxford University place offered

Advanced Students

I have been lucky enough to teach many advanced pianists over the years from grade 8 to existing piano teachers and lecturers. The music at these levels can not only be incredibly demanding technically, but also hugely rewarding.

I enjoy working with my students on the very detailed technical and musical aspects of playing the piano.

Below are some of the ways in which I am able to offer consultation/lessons to advanced pianists. Please click on enquire below to send me an email.

  • Teacher refresher course (performance)

  • Ad hoc lessons

  • Fortnightly/weekly Lessons

  • Daytime and evenings

  • Flexibility in or out of term time

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