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The beauty of the music speaks for itself and is hugely appealing for children and adults as there are none of the traditional nursery ryhme methods here just beautifully written music with the added gorgeous effect of the sustain pedal. I'm sure piano teachers will agree that teaching beginner or early level piano to students from ages 11,  up to and including adults, can present a huge challenge.  After over 25 years of teaching piano to all age ranges I created my this method book to help retain students of this age range. 

Recommended by ABRSM consultant Andrew Eales and 'Piano Professional Magazine'

This method is unique in that it teaches the use of pedal from the very first lesson which helps to create an exquisite and engaging sound right away. The book is complete with piano pedagogy for complete musical and technical development including legato technique, wrist and hand flexibility, injury prevention, sustain pedal and much more.

  • 50 pages
  • 40 modern, orginal and beautiful pieces.
  • YouTube channel for support
  • Comprehensive theory and instructional pages
  • Beginner to grade 2

Hey Presto! Piano Method for Older Beginners


    This Method is perfect those age 11 upwards and adults beginners.

    Hey Presto is the only piano method that gives full instruction on sustain pedal from the very first lesson.

    The music is carefully written so that a beautiful sound is made from the very first lesson and gradually pedal markings are introduced as the harmony and notation becomes more complex.

    There are also pieces that are written to be played without pedal and an emphasis on legato playing throughout.

    Many different styles of music are included in the book including Classical, Easy Listening, Folk Music, Jazz, Improvisation and Popular.

    There is an in depth explanation of the use of wrist circles and wrist rotation techniques and these are integrated within most of the pieces in the book. These techniques are vital for any pianist and hugely vital for professional pianists to stay injury free.

    This book is the only beginner book you will need, there is no book 2! You will really be set you up for a lifetime of enjoyment at the piano and this book comes complete with YouTube and audio support.

    Beginner to near grade 2 level method book.


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