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The Soundcloud Piano Solo Top20 Playlist - Ben Crosland

First Rain of Summer


If you need an introduction to piano music then look no further.

Ben's composition is of the highest quality and an absolute must have. It will appeal to professional musicians and non musicians alike.

The music has a reflective quality with a depth that will instantly captivate the listener. This was recorded with no expense spared and at a duration of 3'43 minutes there is enough here to satisfy the most serious of listeners. It is rare to find music that will touch the soul from the very first note to the very last, I believe that Ben has managed to achieve that magic touch here.

A most worthy candidate for the Soundcloud Top 20.

Ben is based in Worcester, England, and credits the beautiful countryside that surrounds the area of Worcester and the Malvern Hills, where he has lived for over 35 years, as his inspiration.

To listen to his creation First Rain of Summer click on the link The Sound Cloud Piano Solo Top20

The sheet music to Ben's composition is available from his sheet music publisher Editions Musica Ferrum

Here you will be able to find out more about Ben and his music.

Ben is represented by record label bigo and twigetti where you will be able to download and buy Ben's music.


Marcel Zidani

Marcel is a prizewinning composer and author of Hey Presto! Piano Method for Adults and Beginners aged 11 and over.

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