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The Soundcloud Piano Solo Top20 Playlist - Bradley Sowash

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


Burying Home

We Gather Together


Bradley Sowash

Bradley is a jazz pianist, recording artist, composer with TV credits to his name and educator.

He has two tracks included in the Soundcloud Piano Top 20 playlist, We Gather Together and Burying Home. Bradley is a columnist for various music based magazines, was previously pop/jazz chairperson of MTNA and is a prize winning composer.

I first heard about Bradley's music on social media. Bradley is a very active and respected member of various piano related social groups and offers online courses and coaching.


simply one of the best pianists on the contemporary scene.'


We Gather Together is a Christian hymn originating from Holland, although in the USA it is sung at Thanksgiving services and at family meal times. After the familiar theme is introduced Bradley, whose expertise lies in improvisation, embarks on a series of variations. The piece was released by solo piano publications who declared Bradley 'simply one of the best pianists on the contemporary scene.'


Pure Joy!


Listening to Bradley's music I either find myself tapping my foot, nodding my head to the beat or listening intently to where he is taking us next.

'Burying Home', his 2nd track on the playlist is a fine example of his pianistic and improvisatory jazz style.

This is jazz at it's most evocative and, for me, there are moments of Keith Jarrett.

His use and exploration of harmony and ryhthm are instinctive and natural and as with his other compositions, standard jazz rep or otherwise, his style is unique and he makes the music his own.

There is something for every listener here regardless of musical taste. It gives me the sense that Bradley is someone who lives life to the full and I feel that what comes across most in his music is pure joy!


On Bradley's website you will find details of upcoming concerts, and information about his online teaching and courses in jazz piano.

You can listen to the Sound Cloud Top 20 here and click on the link to visit Bradley's website

His compositions are also available to listen to on Soundcloud


Author - Marcel Zidani

Marcel is a prizewinning composer and author of Hey Presto! Piano Method for Adults and Beginners aged 11 and over.

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