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The Soundcloud Piano Solo Top20 Playlist - Ricardo Esteban

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Piece for Piano in C


I first heard Ricardo's composition 'Piece for Piano in C' on a Facebook forum and his piece captured my attention instantly. It is not very often that I hear music of this quailty and I found, as a composer wishing that I had written it myself.

It is full of ideas that are sequenced and developed cleverly. Somehow it encaptures the classical style, the romantic era with a modern film score feel. I instantly thought that this piece by the Chilean composer would be ideal for inclusion in the SoundCloud Top 20 Piano Solo Playlist.

I found as a composer wishing that I had written it myself

At 4'18 duration there is substantial musical content and technically this is not an easy piece to perform. The recording quality is what you would expect of something reaching the Top 20 and has been through a profesional mastering process.

There are contrasting legato and staccato ideas and in classical form the melody sweeps over the more traditional accompanying figures. This is a composition that you will want to hear from the beginning to the end, again and again. I often catch my wife and children humming along whenever this piece is playing in the car.

I am inspired everytime I listen to Piece for Piano in C and as a composer and pianist myself this is not something I say lightly.

I am inspired everytime I listen to this piece

Ricardo regards the music of Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart as well as Gypsy and Folk music among his musical influences. Ricardo's compositions are full of expression and he is a keen promoter of tonal music.


To listen to his creation Piece for Piano in C click on the link The Sound Cloud Piano Solo Top20

The sheet music to Ricardo's composition is available for sale but not yet through a publisher.

Please contact me if you would like a copy and I will speak with Ricardo directly.

Here you will be able visit Ricardo's SoundCloud page and listen to more of his music.


Marcel Zidani

Marcel is a prizewinning composer and author of Hey Presto! Piano Method for Adults and Beginners aged 11 and over.

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